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“To confront global imbalances in the long term, the World Bank says the world needs to produce 50 per cent more food to feed 9bn people by 2050, but climate change could cut crop yields by over 25 per cent. It says land, biodiversity, oceans, forests and other forms of natural capital are being depleted at unprecedented rates.” We must all do our part.



The goal of this BOUTIQUE INVESTMENT DAY is to BRIDGE, in a TARGETED and FOCUSED BUSINESS FORMAT, between INVESTORS and projects / companies that have developed innovative technologies and products of high relevance in this global fight against food scarcity.

Investment opportunities will be presented during the entire day thus giving the International and National investors the chance to be part of the global financial movement.


Since Roman times, Beja has flourished as an important agricultural centre. Local farmers continue to produce high-quality wheat, cork and olives – essential to the Portuguese diet of bread, wine and oil.

In more recent times, Beja is standing out as a high potential region due to its efficient agricultural production and innovative projects with agricultural technologies



There are two main drivers of demand for agricultural products: the growing world population and the increasing use of agricultural products for biofuels. Investments in agricultural land, and correlated assets, is particularly attractive due to the high potential revenues that can derive from the land produce, but also because of the increasing prices of the land itself. The value of agricultural land is rising as a result of its scarcity, as well as it’s increasing demand.



In times of stock market uncertainty and volatility, many investors tend “to crawl into a bunker “ and wait for the storm to pass. However, the best time to scoop up steady investments at bargain prices is when markets are unsettled. While overall inflation has been muted, food prices have increased significantly in the past five years. Southern Europe is a productive agricultural region and due to the technological advances and large-scale operations, it is becoming more and more productive.



Agriculture technology is becoming a key area of focus for investors globally. One of the main premises of Agritech is the ability to grow more food with fewer environmentally-damaging resources. The wave of technologies cropping up on farm management and across the supply chain stands to revolutionise the food and agriculture industry. Investors are taking this opportunity to get exposure to the sector as confirmed by the statement by Brian Foley from TSSG “ New Investments in Agritech is passing out clean tech and Fintech..”

The Polytechnic Institute of Beja, which is a strong reference in agricultural engineering, will share examples of successful and innovative companies in this space.



8:30 Registration


9:00 Opening keynote

Beja – a region of opportunities A presentation of the key characteristics that have put Beja on the path for exponential growth. Assessing agriculture innovation in Beja and Alentejo follow by Q&A


9:45 Panel Discussion On

  • The attractiveness of agriculture investing;
  • The growth of agritech as an asset class and it’s relevance for agriculture production;
  • Agrifood – Promoting sustainable and efficient food systems to food security.


10:30 Power point presentation of investment opportunities presented by fund manager and/ projects/ Startups

10 minutes presentations


11:30 Coffee break and networking opportunity


11:45 One-to-one meetings

  • Pre-scheduled.
  • The meeting provides the ideal platform for investors and Funds/ project owners to discuss specific aspects within the value proposition. 


13:15 Networking Lunch


15:00 One-to-one Meetings


16:15 Keynote Closure Presentation:

The future of agriculture

  • What global trends are shaping the growth prospects within agriculture?
  • Where are the opportunities?

Follow by Q&A


17:30 End of the agenda




Abertas candidaturas para startups e projectos inovadores.
Conheça aqui o regulamento de participação e aceda ao formulário de candidatura.
Serão seleccionados 5 projectos a quem será oferecida a participação.
Candidaturas até 25 de Julho.


A Pousada de São Francisco situa-se na cidade de Beja e resulta da recuperação do antigo Convento de São Francisco. Integra a rede Pousadas de Portugal com a classificação de Pousada Histórica. Veja aqui o site Pousada de Beja

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